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Great British Lives

ELIHU YALE, 1649-1721
East India Company and Yale University

By Jonathan Morgan and Peter Brooke

Elihu Yale (centre), the 2nd Duke of Devonshire, Lord James Cavendish, Mr. Tunstal, and a Page, unknown artist, 18th century

An alternative version of this essay can be found in Jonathan Morgan's book Rags to Riches - Entrepreneurs of Welsh Origin, Abertillery (Old Bakehouse Publications), 2010.

Origin of New England Puritanism - Anne Eaton's persecution
Origin of British India - the East India Company
Origin of the Yale fortune - his wife and his mistress
War and discontent in Britain - the 'Glorious Revolution'
Origins of Yale University - Increase and Cotton Mather
'Anne Eaton's revenge' - Origin of New England episcopalianism 


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