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Hitler on British Values

by Adolf Hitler

Extracts from Mein Kampf in which Hitler explains why Britain is the best possible ally for a future National Socialist Germany. These are taken from the translation by James Murphy published in 1939. For information on Murphy and his translation of Mein Kampf see James Murphy: On Hitler and Mussolini, with introduction and appendix on Anti-Semitism in Eastern Europe by Brendan Clifford, Athol Books, 2002

The extracts are followed by a brief comment on 'How a British statesman might have read Mein Kampf' by Peter Brooke.

The full text can be downloaded in Word format here.

The photograph on our general index shows a delegation of German ex-serviceman lead by the racial theorist Alfred Rosenberg on their way to lay a wreath at the cenotaph in London in 1938.

(1) pp.69-70
Patriotic Parliament in England. Multi-ethnic parody in Austria.

(2) pp.117-122 
Essence of what a German policy should be - territorial expansion to ensure the land for a healthy class of small farmers
Absurdity of citing England as the example for an alternative policy of peaceful industrial competition
England as the natural ally for a policy of eastward expansion
Absurdity of alliance with Austria in hopes of preserving peace
The industrial road would have required an alliance with Russia against England

(3) pp.122-124
Means by which England rose to greatness
Absurdity of German caricatures of English cowardice

British mastery of the art of propaganda

Hitler victim of a British gas attack

Brutality and tenacity makes Britain the best possible ally

Admiration for Lloyd George

(4) pp.467-472
Recapitulation of argument for a policy of agrarian expansion in alliance with England
The British need to maintain a 'balance of power' in Europe
Why England turned against Germany
Need for England to ally with Germany against France

(5) pp.472-475
Absurdity of counting on 'friendship' among nations
England and Italy
Impossibility of any major power allying with Germany under its present leadership

(6) pp.475-478
Jewish influence in Great Britain
Harmony of Jewish and French interests

(7) pp.478, 484-6
Need to overcome bitterness and anti-English sentiment in Germany

(8) pp.486-489
Can 'Great Britain’s traditional statesmanship smash the disastrous influence of the Jew'?
British statesmanship v Jewish influence on the question of Japan
Reasons for Jewish hostility to Japan

(9) p.492
Reprise of argument that a world power requires a large territory. England not a counter-example. France becoming an African empire on European soil.

(10) pp.502-505
Absurdity of hoping for the collapse of the British Empire
Absurdity of idea of alliance with Russia

(11) pp.507-508
Need for German 'political testament' comparable to English insistence on the balance of power
Reaffirmation of the need for alliance with England and Italy

(12) pp.515-517
Effect in England of the French occupation of the Ruhr

by Peter Brooke