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On 'Vrilism' and genocidal science fiction

A scene from the film of John Wyndham's novel The Day of the Triffids

Gwydion M. Williams looks at the theme, constantly repeated in British and American Science Fiction, of wars of extermination between different races and different species. Originally published in 'Exterminating Anglos: President Bush has done for International Law what Al Capone did for Valentine’s Day'. Problems Of Capitalism & Socialism, No. 74-75, Winter 2004

Further articles by Gwydion Williams can be found on his 'Long Revolution' website here.

The full text of this essay can be downloaded in Word format here

Bulwer Lytton - Conan Doyle - Edgar Rice Burroughs - Jules Verne - Jack London - H.G.Wells

'Cosy genocide' - the case of John Wyndham

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