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Henry Morgan and the British presence in the Caribbean

Many people living in Britain today have roots in the Caribbean. The story of how their forebears got to the Caribbean needs to be told but there is also the story of how Britain got there. A shorter version of this essay, concentrating on the career of Morgan himself without the general background, can be found in Jonathan Morgan's book: Rags to Riches - Entrepreneurs of Welsh Origin, Abertillery, Old Bakehouse Publications, 2010

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Principles of International Law - Free trade and slavery - Free trade and war
Britain in the Carribean - Henry Morgan, perhaps (1) - The 'Western Design'
The British in Jamaica - Government sponsored buccaneering - Alternative strategies
The King's 'Western design' - Officers and privateers - Sir Thomas Modyford
The Anglo-Dutch war - Henry Morgan, perhaps (2) - The seizure of Providence Island
War with the French - A policy of war - Disturbing the peace
The rape of Portobello - Diplomatic repercussions
The rape of Maracaibo - Spanish reprisals
The rape of Panamá - The aftermath of Panamá
Governor Lynch - Arrest of Morgan and Modyford - Governor Vaughan
Governor Carlisle - Morgan's last years